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Now the Growing Begins Part 3

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Well if I am to be honest her I have to write about the mistakes. First the good news. I moved all my plant plugs into plastic trays so they would not dry up in the peat containers. Then on Feb. 18 I had 3 Trinidad 7 Pot plants come up and 3 more Trinidad Scorpions too. Since my system is a mini greenhouse with lots of moisture I failed to keep an eye on my seedlings. So I learned the hard way by losing my Scorpions and a few Red Mushroom and Safi Red. I am now going to plant more tonight only not in rapid rooter plugs. Last night I soaked seeds overnight.

60 Trinidad 7 Pot
50 Assam Bhut Jolokia
32 Trinidad Scorpion
24 Naga Morich
12 Jamaican Red Mushroom
12 Safi Red

Now tonight I am going to follow the directions of my friends in the U.K. I wet paper towels with a Chamomile tea solution and placed seeds between them. Then placed seeds inside a ziploc bag after blowing air inside and sealing the bags. Then I placed these bags inside my Vitapod Propogator (mini greenhouse) to get warmth. After seeds germinate I will place into plugs that have been soaked in Chamomile tea solution. This solution should keep fungus from growing that causes a condition called "Dampening off" which kills seeds and seedlings. I knew about this but was too lazy to make the solution. Now that I have lost some plants I need to take every pre-caution so I get more healthy seedlings since my garden is expanding and I will be selling plants too. I will continue to water all my seedlings now with this solution and have also placed a grow light above Vitapod system now. Will keep you all posted on my next group of seedling germination. So far only species not up are Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. Will put another group of Chocolate Bhuts in ziploc bags tonight. As my seedlings develop I will move them over into rapid rooter plugs.


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