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Learn from Failures (Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion)

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Well in my quest to germinate these superhot varieties called Trinidad Scorpion, Naga Morich, Trinidad 7 Pot and Bhut Jolokia I have had some failures. I used good seed starter plugs in my Greenhouse Sensation Viatapod germinating unit. But never used plugs before. So I had many dry out which killed my seedlings and also kept some plugs too wet so those failed to germinate. So I lost majority of seeds planted in January.

Other mistake was this. I kept my seedlings in the dark too long. So when I did finally install a plant light they did not respond. The results were more dead seedlings. So it's not the fault of the equipment but the operator. So when you fall down get back up and try again. I recieved another germination unit called the Bio-Dome from Park Seed. It cost me $47 plus shipping. Little bio sponges sit in 120 styrofoam holes that sit in 1/2 inch of water. A clear plastic dome with vents goes on top to make a greenhouse like the Vitapod. I did not buy my Heat Propogation pad from Parks. I got one from my local nursery for about $10 less. I placed heat pad under Bio-Dome unit and planted my seeds.

Before I go further some of these seeds were already in the germination process. I had them in ziploc bags in moist paper towels. These I placed in my heated Vitapod. Some did germinate and I placed them in the plugs. The rest went into the Bio-Dome. I had about 10 Naga Morich, 8 Trinidad Scorpion, 6 Trinidad 7 Pot and 2 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. These are the first Chocolate Bhut Jolokia's to come up. Since this seed is new I am one of the first to germinate them!

Okay lets get back to the Bio-Dome. So I moved remainder of paper towel seeds into Bio-Dome along with some new seeds. All together 120 seeds.

Planted the following on March 6, 2009
60 Assam Bhut Jolokia seeds

30 Trinidad 7 Pot seeds

30 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia seeds

Okay so you think I am done. No way! I paid a visit to my friend Bill at City farmer's Nursery in San Diego. I told him my issues and one of them was maximizing my space in my Vitapod Greenhouse. Well Bill showed me this seedling tray that was about 10x20 inches. It had little square holes about 1/2 inch wide and an inch deep. Best part was this tray had 512 cells for seedlings!!!! I could fit 3 of them in my Vitapod Mini-Greenhouse that I got from www.greenhousesensation.com!! So I got a good seedling soil and a tray to sit this tray in. Also purchased clear plastic cover to keep heat and humidity in. So here I was putting a mini-512 cell greenhouse inside a larger heated tabletop greenhouse (heated Vitapod). I planted 512 seeds. First I filled each cell with soil. Then gently placed a seed in each one. Then sprinkled soil mix over all the cells and used a spray bottle to moisten all the cells. Here is what I planted. Each Row is 32 cells.

Row# 1 Naga Morich seeds (32)
Row#2 CPI Bhut Jolokia seeds (32)
Row#3 and #4 Red Rocoto seeds (64)
Row#5 and #6 Yellow Rocoto seeds (64)
Row #7 Maya Pimento seeds (Habanero Israel) (32)
Row #8 Safi Red Scotch Habanero seeds (32)
Row #9 and #10 Fatalii seeds (32)
Row #11 and #12 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia seeds (64)
Row #13 Trinidad 7 Pot seeds (32)
Row#14 16 Each Trinidad 7 Pot seeds and 16 each Trinidad Scorpion seeds
Row #15 20 each Gambia Habanero seeds 12 each CPI Bhut Jolokia seeds
Row #16 CPI Bhut Jolokia seeds (32)

With me trying to supply a demand for Hot Chile Pepper plants I had to plant a lot. Because if I get these up soon and transfer to my Hydro Nursery I will have plenty Hot Chile Pepper Plants plants to sell In April-May. Here are pics of seed tray, Bio-Dome and rest of what I discussed.

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