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Sunday, March 29, 2009
bhut jolokia-red savina
red savina, bhut jolokia, www.superhotchiles.com
Well I did not have time to write what else was going on last time. So also on March 10, 2009 I transplanted some of my plants to my Hydroponic cutting board system. I placed in 2 inch mesh or net pots some Safi Red, Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad 7 Pot and also some Bhut Jolokia. My system is a plastic tub filled with water. Sitting on top is plastic cutting board material with 81 2 inch holes for the net pots to sit in. In the water are two aquarium air stones that airate the water by creating bubbles. Also a submersible aquarium heater to keep that water around 80 degrees. I placed my seedlings into the net pots and packed rock wool around the roots. Rockwool is an absorbing material that holds moisture and is actually spun from volcanic rock.

I am using this system to prep my plants and get some growth on them before they are transplanted into my larger Hydroponic NFT system. I add nutrient to the water using a crystal fertilizer called Gro-More. The plastic tubs are about 13 gallon. So 1 teaspoon per gallon will be mixed with water and then added every week. Water will be high enough to barely touch bottoms of pots that stick into tub. Air bubbles from air stones oxygenate water to encourage root growth, mix nutrients and keep water from getting stagnant. Later I will add more seedlings to 3 inch soil pots and new aeroponic propogator. Will update blog when that happens. Hope I can generate enough Trinidad 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion chiles so I will fill my NFT sysytem but also have plenty of plants to sell to other chileheads. As it stands now it looks like I will have plenty of Bhut Jolokia and Naga Morich to grow and sell.


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