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April 21st Hydroponic Propagator Results (Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad 7 Pot and Naga Morich)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
It is April 21, 2009. Time to take a peek at my plants in my Hydroponic Propagator that I purchased from Greenhouse Sensation U.K. Before I put up the pics let me tell you I put some real pathetic seedlings in this system I put some good ones in but also some bad ones. A few of the bad ones died and that is to be expected. But majority of these plants got bigger, healthier and stronger.
Now let me give you some background on this machine. I shopped online for a unit that could do lots of plants and clone lots of cuttings. The pricing on units here in the U.S. was crazy. Hundreds of dollars for small units that had about 30 plant sites! But I saw on the chileman's website a journal called Julian's Journal. In this chile growing journal was equipment from the U.K. company Greenhouse Sensation. So I went to their site and found a Hydro Propogator that had 105 plant sites for under $200 U.S. dollars plus shipping. The total cost was about $300. Now I did not use their pump because of Europe power conversion. So instead used a 1,200 GPH Maxi Jet pump to replace it that runs on U.S. power. So when I order another unit it will be less because I will just get a pump here in the U.S.. Same thing with the water heater. I picked up an aquarium submersible heater here for a few dollars.

I will be getting two more units soon. Even with the high cost of overseas shipping it still was a better bargain than buying one here. So I can talk and talk about how great this works in getting your seedlings started but pics will show you it all. I germinated my seedlings in Fox Farm Warrior soil mix in my Vitapod Germinating unit. It can be seen in earlier posts. Then when seedlings had a few leaves I rinsed off the soil and gently dipped bare roots in Clonex root stimulating gel. Then I put plants in foam inserts in net pots. After that I placed in Hydro Propagator. See earlier posts to show these steps. Here are the pics!!! Go to www.greenhousesensation.com to see more info on the products.

bhut jolokia| naga jolokiaPic above is view of Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Naga Morich and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia plants in Hydro Propagator. Next pic shows you the top and bottom at same time. Look at those roots!

bhut jolokia
If you look closely you can see the water spraying the roots giving them loads of oxygen and nutrients!
bhut jolokia
naga jolokia| bhut jalokia-www.superhotchiles.com
bhut jolokia seeds, trinidad scorpion This next pic gives you a closer view of the roots growing through the net pots. This plant is a Trinidad Scorpion.
naga morich, trinidad scorpion
And here is another pic of an individual plant. This one is Trinidad 7 Pot.

bhut jolokiaNow things do not always go good. This final pic are the plants in my homemade Hydroponic Cutting board system. They do not look as good as my other plants in the Hydro Propagator for two reasons. First the Hydro Propagator is a better unit. Second reason is we had 3 days of 100 degree heat. And I turned of the heater in the Hydro Propagator but not in the cutting board system. So this caused me to lose some plants and damage the others. Oh well I learned from that!
ghost chile, bhut jolokia


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