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From Dirt to Hydroponics (It can be done!) April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Here is a post showing all of you how I take plants grown in dirt and transfer them into a Hydroponic system. I will always buy some plants as backup. And even if I germinate plenty I can always sell the extra plants for a profit. Better to have a backup plan than no plan at all. This way I can make sure my customers get their chiles! Here is a pic of a Naga Morich chile plant in small dirt pot. It is about 8 weeks old.

bhut jolokia seeds, trinidad scorpion
This is a pic of the dirt washed off the roots by using my garden hose water.
Trinidad Scorpion, naga jolokia

Now I place plant in net or mesh pot. I gently pull roots through bottom openings in net pot and then place small rockwool cubes around roots to stabilize. Rookwool is spun from volcanic rock and holds water. I do not pack it too tight around roots or it will slow down root growth and aeration around roots.

naga morich| Bhut Jolokia

bhut jolokia, www.superhotchiles.com
Now I place them in some water that has some B1 anti-shock formula. This helps prevent transplant shock. After I get 10 plants ready i move them into system. But before I move them I fill remainder of pots with Hydroton clay pellets. These keep algae from growing on moist rockwool. I use these for now but later will switch to pumice stone. It cost 1/5 the price and can be found in white or red colors at most gravel and decorative stone suppliers.

Trinidad Scorpion, bhut jolokia plants
bhut jolokia photos, naga morich Now we move the Naga Morich chile pepper plants into my empty N.F.T. system. NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technigue. A thin stream of water carries nutrient through tubes continuously cycling 24 hours a day. This brings water, nutrients and oxygen to each plant that sits in the tubes causing vigorous growth. I purchased this system from IGS Hydroponics, Pacific Beach, California. It was not designed for chiles but I made it work with some minor modifications.
bhut jolokia-ghost chileHere is the Naga Morich plant being placed into the NFT Tube.
bhut jolokia seeds-www.superhotchiles.com
Here are two views of the inside of the N.F.T. tube. See the water coming in and then see how a thin stream flows past the roots.
bhut jolokia, www.refiningfirechiles.com, naga jolokia

bhut jolokia peppers, naga morich seeds And finally you see 2o Naga Morich chile plants in the Hydroponic N.F.T. System. After this I transplanted 20 Bhut Jolokia and 25 Trinidad Scorpion Chilli plants. Later on I will move the Trinidad 7 Pot plants into the system that I grew from seed. I love growing Hot Chile Pepper plants Hydroponically. The World's Hottest Chiles taste even better this way!

Trinidad Scorpion, bhut jolokia


  • Arindam


    I loved your plants... These naga chillies are lovely..
    How long does these plant take to bear chillies ? What nutrient are you using ? I find it really difficult to get the right nutrient solution.
    Will you give some more details please. I am really curious to know more.


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