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Let the Transplanting Begin!

Monday, April 6, 2009
bhut jalokia, Trinidad Scorpion
bhut jolokia seeds
bhut jolokia chilli, www.superhotchiles.comOkay the last time I blogged you saw my first transplants in a rockwool substrate in my cutting board Hydroponic system. These transplants were from rapid rooter plugs germinated in my Vitapod mini-Greenhouse that was manufactured by a company called Greenhouse Sensation in the U.K. Also I transplanted some other plants from the Park Seed Bio-Dome mini-greenhouse. Now I lost more seedlings again. Well I packed the rockwool around my seedlings of Trinidad 7 Pot, Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Safi Red and few Chocolate Bhut. The root systems stayed too wet so I lost some seedlings. But I saved many and will elaborate on that in my next post. The above pics show you my 7 Pot and Bhut Jolokia seedlings in my Bio-Dome. And my 512 seed tray filled with seed compost that I germinated in my Vitapod. I moved majority of seedlings into 2 and 1/2 inch plant pots with potting soil. Then I placed them into my 5 foot tall small outdoor greenhouse in trays of 32 and 50 each. The pic you see is a group of Bhut Jolokia transplants. Out of the Park Bio-Dome I transplanted about 20 Trinidad 7 Pot, 50 Bhut Jolokia and 12 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. Now I will list what I transplanted from my 512 cell seed tray that I germinated in my Vitapod Greenhouse. I will also give you what was planted and what germinated. Keep in mind even if something germinated it still did not mean it was good enough for me to keep for transplanting. If the seedling looked feeble I tossed it. After all I want to sell quality Chile plants for my customers!

512 cell Seed Tray stats In Vitapod

Row#1 32 Naga Morich seeds 30 Germinated

Row#2 32 Bhut Jolokia seeds 30 Germinated

Row#3 and #4 64 Red Rocoto seeds only 12 Germinated

Row#5 and #6 64 Yellow Rocoto seeds only 10 germinated

Row #7 32 Maya Pimento seeds (Israel habanero) 24 Germinated

Row #8 32 Safi Red Scotch seeds (West Africa) 26 Germinated

Row #9 and #10 64 Fatalii seeds (Central Africa) 36 Germinated (old seed)

Row #11 and #12 64 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia seed 20 Germinated

Row #13 32 Trinidad 7 Pot seed 28 Germinated

Row #14 16 Trinidad 7 Pot seed 13 Germinated also 16 Trinidad Scorpion seed 12 Germinated

Row #15 20 Gambia Habanero seed 18 Germinated Also 12 Bhut Jolokia 10 Germinated

Row #16 32 Bhut Jolokia seed 24 Germinated

Now after transplanting most of course I blew it again. I put the tray of transplanted seedlings of Gambia, Fatalii and a few Bhut on the top shelf of my outdoor Greenhouse. Then we had a real sunny day and they fried. So I have plenty of Bhut Jolokia but will plant more Gambia and Fatalii later. Some of my transplants went into soil. A few into the cutting board system and finally I moved some into my new Aeroponic Hydroponic Propagator. I got this from Greenhouse Sensations U.K. (www.greenhousesensation.com) also. Will show pics of it and how I fixed my cutting board issue and also my step by step transplant into the Hydro Propagator. This and updated pics in my next post!


  • CarBasics

    Thanks for the detailed post - this blog is really interesting.

    One day I will buy my hydroponic set-up, honest.

    Carl - www.minigreenhouse.org.uk

    PS - I am putting a link from my site to your blog :o)

  • harneu

    I am interested in your cutting board progress, please keep us updated with this method.

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