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Monday, April 6, 2009
Okay lets look at these pics here and let me explain whats happening. In previous post I show you my transplanting and germination sucesses and failures. I also mention that the rockwool in my Cutting board system is keeping the roots too wet and they do not get enough oxygen. So in the first 3 pics below this text you see 3 steps.

Step#1 Wash dirt off seedling roots.

bhut jolokia| Trinidad Scorpion, www.superhotchiles.com

Step#2 Dip seedling in Clonex root stim solution gel. and place in soft foam rubber plug. (plug has cut through it into midddle, spread open cut and slide stem into center of plug. Then let plug hold seedling stem. Adjust stem so roots can get to water source but are also mostly exposed to air to get plenty of oxygen)

bhut jolokia, ghost chilli

Step #3 Place foam plug with seedling into net or mesh pot.

bhut jolokia-red savina

I took all my seedlings out of rockwool and did them over this way and then placed them back into cutting board system. Some already had died from getting too soggy. And some may not make it. Then I took most of My Trinidad 7 Pot, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Scorpion and did them this way also. But I put them into my new Aeroponic Hydro Propagator system from Greenhouse Sensation U.K. So let me explain the other pics.

Transplants here in my cutting Board system using foam plugs

naga jolokia, bhut jolokia-www.superhotchiles.com
Here are the Transplants in My Hydro Propagator

trinidad scorpion

Here is the inside of My Hydro Propagator. Not everything is labeled. But I have a system!

naga morich, bhut jolokia

And finally a nice shot of a Trinidad 7 Pot or as others say a Trinidad 7 Pod plant in my Hydro Propagator from Greenhouse Sensation U.K. (below this text) Now I am the first in the United States to buy from them. I had to get a 200 watt Power converter to operate my Vitapod Mini-Greenhouse. But with the Hydro-Propogator I bought a Maxi-Jet 1200 GPH pump and a 50 Watt Aquarium heater to avoid doing power conversion. Even with shipping this 105 plant site cloner/propogator was cheaper than U.S. Models. I suggested some improvements for this unit and have already gotten some feedback. Their customer service is great! Well here are some conclusions or my opinions. The Park Seed Bio-Dome is nice when you use a heatpad. But.....If you add too much water your seeds will get too soggy. I like it to germinate but when attempting to gently remove my seedlings from the Bio-Sponges I killed some plants. So it is better to transplant the whole sponge. But then you have to buy more to germinate again. And they are always on backorder. Now rapid rooter plugs are good but you have to have the bottoms of them (at least 3/8 inch) in water or they will dry out. Again just like the Bio-Sponges you have to buy more. Trying to remove the fragile seedling will most likely kill it. So I like my seed tray with soil the Best. Whether I use multiple trays in my Vitapod or use a cheap min-greenhouse on a heatpad I can always transplant with minmal shock into soil or Hydroponics. Vitapod is nice because i can keep the plants in it longer than I can a mini plastic greenhouse. Plus it is thermostatically controlled and will last years. I leave you all with a close photo of Trinidad 7 Pot Below in Hydro Propagator! In the back row there are some recently transplanted Trinidad Scorpions also.

bhut jalokia seeds, world's hottest pepper


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