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Planting more Hot Chile Seeds April 6, 2009 Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad 7 Pot and Naga Morich

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Well so much to do so I could not get this in my last post. After all my trials, failures and triumphs it's time to plant more seeds. I almost have enough plants to fill both my old and new Hydroponic systems. And soon some of my small plants will be ready to sell in Mid may. But I want more plants to sell and it also does not hurt to have more plants as backup in case some fail in the Hydroponic systems. So here is a pic of my 512 cell seed tray. Now when I first used this I added Foxfarm Light warrior planting mix. I got great germination rate but my only complaint is this mix has huge chunks of perlite that I had to sift out. So On Gurney's Nursery site they have a seedling compost that I switched to for this planting. Now I also took a larger 1 and 1/2 inch seed cell tray and mixed some Fox Farm Light warrior with some super soil and planted 50 seeds in that. And finally took my 120 cell Park Bio-Dome and planted 120 seeds in that. Some of you may not have read earlier posts. The Bio-Dome is a Min Greenhouse from Park Seed Company. It has bio-degradable foam plus that are a pain in the butt to re-use. I had to do it this time but ordered more new plugs. Because removing fragile seedlings from plugs sometimes kills the seedlings.

So here is what I planted:
512 Seed Cell with Gurney's Seed compost mix
Row#1 32 Jamaican Red Mushroom Chile Seeds

Row#2 32 Assam Bhut Jolokia Chile seeds

Row#3 32 Fatalii Seeds

Row#4 and #5 64 Jamaican Chocolate Habanero seeds

Row#6 32 African Gambia Habanero Seeds

Row #7 32 Red Dominican Habanero Seeds

Row#8 32 Naga Morich Chile seeds

Row#9 21 Malaysian Goronong Habanero Chilli Seeds, 11 Assam Bhut Jolokia Chile Seeds

Row#10 Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Row#11 and #12 (no planting because stubborn Chocolate Bhut Jolokia are finally coming up!)
See pic below

Row#13 32 Red Savina Habanero Chilli Seeds

Row#14 5 Red Savina, 7 Yellow Trinidad 7 Pot Chilli Seeds and 20 Orange Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Row#15 2 Orange Bhut Jolokia seeds and 30 Trinidad 7 Pot (Jonah Strain) chilli seeds

Row #16 32 Trinidad Scorpion Chile Seeds

Here is what I planted in Park Seed Bio-Dome

Row #1 and #2 20 Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Row#3 and #4 20 Trinidad Scorpion seeds

Row #5 and #6 20 Trinidad 7 Pot (Jonah Strain) chilli seeds

Row #7 and #8 20 Naga Morich chile seeds

Row #9 10 Jamaican Chocolate Habanero seeds

Row #10 10 Central African Fatalii chilli seeds

Row #11 and #12 20 Yucatan White Habanero Chile Seeds

Finally the 1 and 1/2 inch cell seed tray filled with Foxfarm Light warrior mix (50 cells)

Row #1 and #2 20 Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Chile seeds

Row #3 10 Red Rocoto Chilli seeds

Row #4 10 Naga Morich chile seeds

Row# 5 10 Bhut Jolokia seeds

Here is a pic of the 512 seed tray. Notice the two rows of seedlings poking through. I almost dumped all of the dirt out of the cells before putting fresh soil in. But noticed a few days earlier some seeds were coming up. It just goes to prove that any Bhut Jolokia can take 4 or more weeks to germinate so do not give up!

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