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Big! Big! Garden! and Transplanting of Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinindad Scorpion and other habaneros

Saturday, May 23, 2009
I have been so busy building the new chile greenhouse and Hydroponic system. That is why I have not had time to post. Most of my blogs have been about germinating, transplanting and growing of exotic and rare hot chile peppers like the Trinidad 7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia and Naga Morich. If you go back in earlier posts you will see my sucesses and failures. Now you are going to see a commercial sized operation in progress. Certain details will be left out. I get paid for doing consultations so I am not going to give everyone step by step plans on how to do a commercial Hydroponic garden. But you will see an insiders view that otherws have not seen. I am currently selling plants now and have seeds of these rare chile species. But limited supply so contact me soon.

First lets take a look at my Aeroponic Hydro Propagator from Greenhouse Sensation. I want you all to see how much plant growth happened since my last post.Thse photos were taken May 9th before transplant into commercial system. Most plants pictured are Trinidad 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion. But some are Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia.

bhut jolokia-red savina

red savina habanero| bhut jolokiaNow these plants above look great. But there is one problem. I have this system getting shaded partial sun. So when I put them straight into an NFT system in full sun I lost 18 plants! So crazy as it may seem I am putting remainder of plants into a soil mix and gradually getting them used to the elements before doing final transplant. So I germinated in dirt then got growth in Hydro then condition in dirt and finally go back into Hydro. There is probably an easier way. Most likely next year I will put a high intensity grow light above system so plants will have less shock when going outdoors. For now I have to do what I have to do.

So here are pics of Hydroponic NFT tubes going up in commercial sysytem. These pics were taken April 30, 2009.

bhut jolokia, trinidad scorpion, naga morichbhut jolokia seeds
Now this next pic is the second Greenhouse that will be growing Heirloom Tomatoes, French Strawberries and other veggies.
bhut jolokia plants-www.superhotchiles.comNow these pics were taken May 6th, 2009. The view in the first pic shows our water feed tanks below. Off in the distance is my Chile greenhouse. Pic was taken from inside tomato greenhouse.
www.refiningfirechiles.com| bhut jolokia
Next picture below is the unfinished Chile NFT system.

www.refiningfirechiles.com| bhut jolokia
In this pic I am in the Chile Greenhouse facing the Tomato greenhouse.

bhut jolokia seeds, naga jolokia
These next 2 pics are showing an operational NFT system with some chiles already transplanted. These pics were taken May 15, 2009. Notice plants to left are a lighter green. These are the Trinidad 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion plants that came out of the Hydroponic propagator. They could not handle the sun intensity so I lost over 20 plants. But I have plenty more plants to replace them.

red savina, naga morich
bhut jolokia, world's hottest chiles, www.superhotchiles.comKeep coming back for future posts because i will be transplanting chile plants in here over the next 3-4 weeks. After that I will show plants progress and hopefully lots of Beautiful chile photos. Here is a list of what will be in this system

Trinidad 7 Pot

Trinidad Scorpion

Yellow 7 Pot

Naga Morich

Bhut Jolokia

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Orange Bhut Jolokia


Antillais Carribean

Red Savina

Gambia Habanero

Jamaican Chocolate Habanero
Publish Post

Safi Red Scotch Habanero

Mustard Habanero

Jamaican Red Mushroom Habanero

I will be selling fresh chiles of these varieties in September! Talk to you soon!


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    Thanks for posting photos of your hydro setup, & greenhouse.

    I've been wanting to try hydroponics, have you ever known anyone to grow strawberries with a hydroponics setup?


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