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Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad 7 Pot and Yellow 7 Pot ready to move.

Monday, July 27, 2009
The following 5 pictures are my 2nd to last batch of plants ready to move outside into greenhouse and outdoor NFT Hydroponic system. You are seeing in these pics plants with nice green growth inside a Greenhouse Sensation Vitapod system. This system is a large temperature controlled tabletop greenhouse. It is made of durable plastic and the heating element is enclosed and controlled by a state of the art thermostat. I use this system to germinate chile seeds but now also to get my starter plants ready for outdoors.
bhut jolokia Since I grew a lot of plants this year I also lost a lot of plants. But I learned from my mistakes. I learned not to take an indoor Aeroponics plant and put it outdoors right away in the Southern California sun. Maybe indirect sun, but not half-day or full day sun. So I put the plants back in small soil pots into the Vitapod. Then I moved later on to outdoors. Did it work?? Well less plants died but most died. So then my next step was move them under 50% grade shade cloth before going out into more sun intensity. Well more lived and less died.

bhut jolokia-www.superhotchiles.com Still not satisfied with results I tried an experiment. My lighting above the Vitapod Greenhouse is a flourescent 2 bulb fixture. It does not have the intensity of a sodium or Halide 1,000 watt plant light. So what if I gave the plants more light exposure??? I decided to leave my low wattage light on 24 hours a day. Well my plants got healthier and stronger. Leaves got a darker green. Then came the ultimate test. After 1-2 weeks under 50% shade cloth they had a 100% survival rate in partial sun with air temps averaging high 90's farenheight. A week after that they were moved into more sun with minimal shock. I am now happy with the results. In future blogs you will see some of these outdoors. Right now enjoy my starter plants. In the 5 pics in this post I am growing the following:

Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod

Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah

Bhut Jolokia

Trinidad Scorpion

Orange Bhut Jolokia

Malaysian Goronong

Safi Red Scotch

Maya Pimento

Naga Morich

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
naga jolokia-bhut jolokia

Trinidad Scorpion, bhut jolokia
bhut jolokia pictures, naga morich
Next post will be updatedphotos of these plants in pots and my NFT Hydroponic Greenhouse System.


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