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Cloning Update Naga Morich and Trinidad Scorpion Aug. 12,2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009
As of August 6th most of my cloning attempts of plant cutiings has been successful. I started out with a little over 80 cuttings of Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion and a few Red Dominica Habanero plants. About 60 of them developed roots and now have been transplanted into small nursery pots using a pro soil potting mix. To further stimulate root growth each plant soil mix was given a dose of mycorrhizae root fungi. Mycorrhizae helps root development and also increases drought tolerance. It is very cost effective and since I buy in quantity I always have extra to sell at an extremely low price. All of these plant cuttings were cloned in an aeroponic propagator machine that I purchased from GreenHouse Sensation U.K. The roots you see now took about 6 weeks. I could have transplanted earlier, but wanted more root development so I gave it more time.

Trinidad Scorpion Plant Clones

bhut jolokia
bhut jolokia, trinidad scorpion, naga morich
naga morich-bhut jolokia
Naga Morich Plant Clones

bhut jolokia seeds
bhut jalokia hot peppers

bhut jolokia hot pepper seeds
My next blogs will show you updated pics of my over 300 plant NFT Hydroponic System and what it took for me to get it this far. Also updated photos of my seed production plants in pots and more pics of chile flowers.


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