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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
This will be brief. I just got done installing racks above my chile plants to support them today August 27. Growth is at a fast pace now. Now I pray for tons of flowers that will turn into lots of chiles. Getting to this point has not been easy. First the weather has been extremely hot this summer which slowed down the transplant process. Also it took too long to build this system so majority of my planting was in late May through mid-June. Normally I have plants ready and in the system by end of April. So I was constantly replacing plants that were dying because they were too young to take the heat. In mid July I solved the heat problem by putting in a fogger misting system above garden on a timer. It worked!!! My water and air temps dropped and now my baby plants were thriving. But the cool wet environment brought an aphid infestation. I sprayed with organic neem spray but every day the residue washed off the leaves so the aphids were still doing too much damage.

So I ordered thousands of predatory insects like Trichrogramma wasps, Lacewings and Lady Bugs.
This was the first week of August. Now the Aphids are under control but I will release more predatory insects just to make sure. We had a drop in temperature for about two weeks. This also made my plants happy. So I turned off the misting system. The pic you see was taken August 20th 2009. I thank all my friends for praying for this project. I also thank the following people for coming out to help me a few times. Whenever a person expands his business 3 x the size you have to expect issues. But the Blessings of God and friends got me to this point. Without them it never would be where it is right now. Regardless of how many bad days I had my friends and family were always there!

Larry Bridgeforth and Family (their whole family dug holes, moved stuff and wife Robin got our Greenhouse put together...She would make a great foreman)

Marty Switzer and family (Marty's Blood watered the soil while installing greenhouse framing, metal edges are sharp, Marty said no bad words and if he did Jesus forgives him)

Don Denniston and family (Don moved a ton of dirt...His wife makes good lemon bars too!)

Tom and Linda Schaeffer for letting me grow on their land

Mark and Margie Short (Margie is a lucky wife because Mark prayed a lot for us and for her too!)

John and Terry Daniels (He came out one time to pray with Mark and Don and we appreciate that)

Chuck Hicks and family (my partner in our produce greenhouse but also he and his wife Kim keep an eye on my chiles. I thank his little girls for all the time they gave up during this adventure.

My son Danty for all his support and help he is so special to me

Also the prayers of those that live far away. My friends Jim Wright and Jonathan Payne for their web work and prayers. Jonathan builds my site and Jim does the SEO work.

John from Aspen Vinyl Fence El Cajon, CA. He gave us a great deal on all our Hydroponic tubes you see. And drilled all the precision holes in them!

Now not everyone's whole family physically helped. But each and every wife and child in that family gave up time with their husband or father because that man took the time to come out and lend a hand. So I thank the entire family for this. Now I do not have a harvest yet. But I should have lots of chiles by end of September. Here is the pic I promised

bhut jolokia
Probably one of the first of these ever grown in California
bhut jolokia

So heres what is in the System from left to right
Rows 1& 2 Trinidad 7 Pot, Yellow 7 Pot, Jamaican Red Mushroom, Bhut Jolokia (India) and Naga Morich (Bangladesh)

Rows 3, 4 and 5
White Habanero (Yucatan & Peru), Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Mustard habanero, Big Yellow Sun Habanero (Africa), Naga Morich, Safi Red (West Africa)

Rows 6 and 7 Trinidad 7 Pot, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Bhut Jolokia

Rows 8, 9 and 10 Trinidad Scorpion, Gambia Habanero (Africa), Red Savina Habanero, Peach Habanero and Antillais Red Caribbean Habanero

Rows 11 and 12 Jamaican Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii (Africa), Neon Yellow Habanero

Well as chiles grow and turn color I will post them to my blog. God Bless!


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