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The Trinidad Scorpion

Monday, January 4, 2010
Well my growing season is almost over. I still have peppers ripening on my Chocolate Bhut Jolokia plants and my Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod plants. Amazing to have chiles ripening in January. Temperatures are in the low 40's in East County San Diego but my small homemade Greenhouses are keeping the plants alive. These small greenhouses were first made to keep bees out to prevent cross-pollination and then later to extend my growing season. I will be planting seeds soon for next years crop. For now I will blog about my 2009 chile pepper crop and share the photos with all of you. This post will feature the Trinidad Scorpion.

The Trinidad Scorpion is one of the Hottest Peppers in the World. Trinidad is a large Island northeast of Venezuela. The people of Trinidad love cooking with hot chiles. The Trinidad Scorpion though is not usually found in markets. In fact it is so hot many locals never use it for cooking. It's primary use is for military grade mace. It is also used in marine paint to keep barnacles from growing on the bottoms of boats. But the Trinidad Scorpion is still a favorite of chile heads around the world. Not just because it has the heat of a Bhut Jolokia. But it also has a great flavor as well. Just keep in mind you only need a small amount in whatever you cook. In my opinion it is hotter than the Bhut Jolokia. At least when I tasted it I had more pain than I felt with the Bhut Jolokia pepper. I will be growing plenty of Trinidad Scorpion plants this year for chiles and starter plants for the chile gardener. I have seeds almost all year long unless I sell out. Anyways here are my Scorpion photos. I hope you enjoy them!

Here is a Nice Red Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion in planter pots
Trinidad Scorpion Chile|www.superhotchiles.com
Trinidad Scorpion in Hydroponics

Trinidad Scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com
Here is a group of Red, Orange and Yellow Trinidad Scorpion. The Yellow one was taken from a plant that produced all rare Orange Trinidad Scorpions. I will plant the seeds this year to see if they produce Orange Trinidad Scorpions again.
Trinidad Scorpion chile|www.superhotchiles.com
Now here is a rare site. A real poisonous Scorpion with Trinidad Scorpion chiles. I wonder what has a more potent sting?? The Scorpion of the Scorpion peppers!

Trinidad Scorpion|Bhut Jolokia
Another Scorpion with Trinidad Scorpion chiles

Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut JolokiaNow this is a more dangerous Scorpion with the Trinidad Scorpion chiles. At the pet store he would not sit still. His bite would make your arm swell up for at least two weeks. I managed to get at least one good picture and here it is.

Trinidad Scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com|Bhut Jolokia
The Trinidad Scorpion Chilli is nice when colored and ripened but still is beautiful when green.

Trinidad Scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com
Another beautiful green unripened Trinidad Scorpion chile. Wonder what color it will become?

Trinidad Scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com, Trinidad 7 PodA nice group of red ripened Trinidad Scorpion Chilli peppers

Trinidad Scorpion seeds
Another nice group photo of ripened Trinidad Scorpion chiles

Trinidad Scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com
Now for a treat! The rare Orange Trinidad Scorpion

Orange Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Scorpion seeds
Trinidad Scorpion
If you look you can see the plant wilting. Fortunately many pods turned color before it died in late October and I got some pictures. Well I was supposed to do a blog of the Naga Morich. I will soon. But i just wanted all of you to experience the Trinidad Scorpion first. Is it hotter than the Bhut Jolokia? Maybe you should grow it and find out for yourself! What is the Hottest Chile in the World? For now it is the Bhut Jolokia. But maybe next year it could be the Trinidad Scorpion!


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    Tried a sample the other day and it felt like my mouth exploded and as it passed through my system I felt the aftershocks. Scorpion is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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