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Trinidad 7 Pot a Rare and Delicious Pepper

Monday, February 15, 2010
In this post I will share information about the Trinidad 7 Pot or also called the Trinidad 7 Pod.. The Island of Trinidad has 2 superhot chiles. The Trinidad 7 Pot and the Trinidad Scorpion. These peppers are related but the Scorpion chile usually has a defined tail. But it is not uncommon to find a little tail at the end of a Trinidad 7 Pot pod sometimes. Trinidad is an island just northeast of Venezuela. The markets of Trinidad are full of peppers like the Congo peppers and Bird peppers. To find the Trinidad Scorpion or Trinidad 7 Pod you have to go inland to the countryside. Trinidad 7 Pots are called 7 Pot because it is said they have enough heat to flavor 7 pots of stew! 7 Pots can come in a variety of shapes and colors. The photos in this blog will feature many pod shapes but I will show the Yellow 7 Pot and Chocolate 7 Pot in other blog posts. Well here are my 2009 photos of the Trinidad 7 Pot.

Here is a picture of Trinidad 7 Pot in my hydroponic system

Bhut Jolokia
Bhut Jolokia As you can see the Trinidad 7 Pot can get an almost Naga shape to it.

Trinidad Scorpion seeds
Trinidad Scorpion seedsNow we see a more rounded shape in the Trinidad 7 Pot pepper pod.

Trinidad 7 Pot, www.superhotchiles.comThis 7 Pot pod really has a weird shape
Bhut Jolokia-www.refiningfirechiles.comThis Trinidad 7 Pot chile definitely looks Naga Morich in shape and size

Bhut Jolokia|Trinidad ScorpionI like the shape of this pod!
Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad 7 PodNow we are getting closer to the true shape of the Trinidad 7 Pot

Ghost Chile, bhut jolokiaThis Trinidad 7 Pot pod cannot make up it's mind if it's a Naga or 7 Pot!

Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad 7 Pod

www.refiningfirechiles.com-Bhut Jolokia Trinidad 7 Pot!
Trinidad Scorpion|www.superhotchiles.com

Trinidad 7 Pot

Bhut Jolokia
This pod has a nice point at the end
Bhut jolokia, www.superhotchiles.comTrinidad 7 Pod

Trinidad 7 Pot-Bhut JolokiaTrinidad 7 Pot Plant

Bhut Jolokia
A nice bowl full of Trinidad 7 Pot peppers!

Trinidad ScorpionThe Trinidad 7 Pot has a strain that grows larger more rounder pods. It is called the 7 Pot Jonah

Trinidad Scorpion| www.superhotchiles.com-Bhut Jolokia A Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah on the plant.
Bhut Jolokia7 Pot Jonah
Bhut Jolokia
Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah

Bhut Jolokia-www.refiningfirechiles.com
Another view of the same pod

Bhut Jolokia
A nice large 7 Pot Jonah chile

Trinidad Scorpion
A Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah can get larger than a golfball and weigh up to a half ounce!!

Bhut Jolokia-Trinidad Scorpion seedsAnother view of the same pod
Naga Jolokia, Bhut JolokiaCan you see the face of an old man in this Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah? Look closely.....

Bhut Jolokia Well I hope you enjoyed my Trinidad 7 Pot photos. Next post we might just give all of you a glimpse of the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia.


  • Portuge

    Any pics for the 2012 grow season?

  • BigJonViv

    Yea me! I have one of these beautiful plants from Jim

  • Dmitry.Makhnachev

    Hi, my 7 pot are growing too large.
    It is now 1.5(narrow side)x2.2(wide side)x3.0(long) inches.
    And this is still green and seemed to be growing further.
    Is it abnormal?

  • Aftab Singh

    Thanks for sharing your photos and creating interest in our Trinidad peppers.

  • Aftab Singh

    Thanks for sharing your photos and creating interest in our Trinidad peppers.

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