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Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Monday, May 24, 2010
It has been awhile since I last posted anything. Seed sales have kept me so busy and after that I had to germinate a few thousand plants. Now I am almost finished setting up over 800 plants for fresh chiles and another 380 plants at isolated sites for seed production. So time to take a breath and show you my next featured chile from 2009 the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. I have plenty of seeds for sale and may part with a few plants in July. This Bhut Jolokia has a much lower germination rate than the Red Bhut Jolokia or Bih Jolokia. But the flavor is out of this world!!! It has Bhut Jolokia heat but also a sweetness lacking in the Ghost chile. I am growing plants from 4 seed sources this year in the hope of getting a strain that will have better germination results. Wish me luck! Enjoy the pictures:)

Nice Texture in Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
bhut jolokia, ghost chileNotice the plastic in background. It allowed me to harvest the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia in January!

bhut jolokia|trinidad scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com
Trinidad scorpion, Trinidad 7 PotNotice the nice Chocolate look to the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. It almost looks like real chocolate!
bhut jolokia plants| Bhut Jolokia seedsA nice close up of the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Ghost chile, bhut jolokia, trinidad scorpion A Trio of Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

chocolate bhut jolokia, www.superhotchiles.comThis Chocolate Bhut Jolokia has a smoothe texture like a Chocolate habanero.
www.superhotchiles.com| chocolate bhut jolokiaNice group of Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

bhut jolokia, ghost chile, trinidad scorpion
ghost chilli-bhut jolokia, bih jolokiaAnother Group of Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

chocolate bhut jolokia, yellow bhut jolokia, trinidad scorpionA huge Chocolate Bhut Jolokia!

bhut jolokia plants| Bhut Jolokia seeds, www.superhot chiles.com
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia another big one
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

Bih Jolokia, Naga Jolokia, Bhut Jolokia
Trinidad Scorpion, chocolatew bhut jolokia chile Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

naga morich, naga jolokia, bhut jolokia A nice delicious bowl of Chocolate Bhut Jolokia!

chocolate bhut jolokia-www.superhotchiles.comA cut away view of the inside of a Chocolate Bhut Jolokia.

ghost chile-chocolate bhut jolokia
Chocolate with Chocolate Bhut Jolokia! Mmmmmmmm!

Trinidad Scorpion-Bhut Jolokia| www.superhotchiles.com
More Chocolate with Chocolate Bhut Jolokia!

www.superhotchiles.com-chocolate bhut jolokia| ghost chilli Well I am getting a craving for Chocolate now and I just happen to have some Chocolate Bhut Jolokia in my freezer too! Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'll surprise you all with the next post. Coming soon I am growing 14 new varieties some never before offered in the U.S.


  • johnny knoxville

    where could i get seeds of this pepper? thanks

  • Unknown

    Great pics!--I am growing these now and can't wait to taste. I am glad to have found these pictures to give me an idea.

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