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Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod-Yellow 7 Pot

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Growing a garden of 1,400 plants scattered on 18 properties can take up ones time. Especially when I am a single parent that also has a full time job and is active in my Church. So now I post pictures of my Yellow 7Pot from Trinidad. Also called the Yellow 7 Pod. It has a very high heat level but not quite as hot as the red 7 Pot or Chocolate 7 Pot also called Douglah. The pepper pods can get up to a half an ounce or 14 grams. I like the amazing shapes myself. The Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod has a nice pineapple like flavor. I don't think anyone could fail to make a good hot sauce out of this one. Currently I only have seeds but might sell plants next year. Well here are my 2009 Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod pictures. I hope you all enjoy them. My next post will be showing you my growing pictures from this year.

This was the first picture taken around Christmas 2009. I planted my Yellow 7 Pot plants late so I had to make a mini greenhouse to protect them from cold. Believe it or not I harvested pods from these plants up until February 2010!

Don't Forget to click on the pics below for an enlarged close-up view. Use your back button to navigate back to blog.

bhut jolokia, Trinidad 7 Pot
Another picture from December 2009
Trinidad Scorpion-www.superhotchiles.com Same chile but a different view
Trinidad 7 Pod|Ghost chile-Trinidad 7 Pot
Now the Yellow 7 Pod is getting bigger as January 2010 begins!

Yellow 7 Pod, Yellow 7 Pot
Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot
Yellow Bhut Jolokia-Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Another large Yellow 7 Pod

Ghost chile, www.superhotchiles.comTrinidad Yellow 7 Pod, Bhut Jolokia seeds, Naga Morich seeds
Nice fat pod!
Bhut Jolokia plants| Yellow 7 Pot-Doughlah 7 PodNotice the ant stuck to the pod. He was probably assisting aphids to eat my plants. Die ants Die!!

Bhut Jolo9kia plants-www.superhotchiles.com-Trinidad Scorpion See how the leaves have fallen off the plants due to aphids and cooler weather.

Trinidad Scorpion seeds, Bhut Jolokia seeds
This Yellow 7 Pod weighed about 13 grams.

Ghost chile seeds-Ghost pepper seeds, naga jolokia seedsNow you see the wrinkly texture in the skin of the Yellow 7 Pot that is more common in the red variations of 7 Pot chiles.

Ghost chilli-Trinidad Scorpion seeds-refining fire chiles Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod

Yellow 7 Pots seeds-Trinidad Scorpion seeds-Chocolate 7 Pod seeds Nice picture of color transition in Yellow 7 Pot.

Trinidad 7 Pod, Ghost Pepper, Ghost Chile A green pod that will be awesome once it turns yellow.

Bhut Jolokia seeds| Trinidad Scorpion seeds| Ghost chile plants These pods ripened about mid-January 2010.

Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot-Douglah 7 Pot-Morouga Scorpion
Bhut Jolokia, Red Savina-world's hottest chiles
www.superhotchiles.com, Trinidad Scorpion seeds, Ghost chile seeds
Nice close up of Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod. Notice the 7 Pod texture.

Bhut Jolokia-Naga Jolokia-Ghost Chile Another nice picture of the color changing on a Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot.

www.refiningfirechiles.com, Trinidad 7 Pot, Bhut Jolokia plants
Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod
Trinidad Scorpion seeds, Naga Morich seeds, Dorset Naga Seeds Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot

Yellow 7 Pod seeds-Yellow Scorpion seeds-Bhut Jolokia seedsOne of my best photos showing the skin texture of a Yellow 7 Pot. And this was done with a 6 megapixel 5 yr old kodak!
Red Savina seeds| Bhut Jolokia seeds| Morouga Scorpion seeds Same pod as above but a different view.
Yellow 7 Pot seeds-Chocolate habanero-Bhut Jolokia
Another large Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot

Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion Nice pair of Trinidad Yellow 7's

Trinidad Scorpion, www.superhotchiles.com, Bhut Jolokia Another close-up Yellow 7 Pod

Trinidad Scorpion seeds, Trinidad 7 Pot seeds, Bhut Jolokia seeds Same chile as above

Bhut Jolokia-Yellow 7 Pot-Yellow 7 Pod Nice bowl full of Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod

Trinidad Scorpion seeds| Yellow 7 Pot seeds| www.superhotchiles.com
Here is one of the Yellow 7 Pots that was almost a half an ounce!!

Bhut Jolokia seeds-Naga Jolokia seeds-Naga Morich seeds And finally my Trinidad Yellow 7 Pods hot peppers that I picked in early February 2010!

Trinidad Scorpion seeds, Trinidad Yellow 7 Pod, Ghost Chile seeds By the way if your are local I just might sell a few of these pods here and there. Take care everyone! Upcoming blogs will show you my 2010 growing season but I may stick in some chile highlights from 2009:)


  • john

    man I hate the fact you are picking pods in feb. I have only eaten 1 douglah this year and only have a dozen peppers on the bushes now out of 58 plants.

  • parker394

    Do you sell the plants? Will you be attending the Hot Licks spicy foods show next month in Old Town?

  • Habanero500

    I will have plants every year mid April through July. www.superhotchiles.com

  • kipper413

    Makes my mouth water just thinking about eating some of these, I love'em and can't get enough.

  • www.mundoardido.com/forum

    Very good this 7 Pod Yellow. congratulations.

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