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My 2010 Chile Garden Journey

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It has been months since I have written and some of you may wonder why. Well it's been busy. In 2009 I grew a little over 400 plants for fresh chiles and about 30 for new rare seed stock. I also sold about 400 plants. So what happened in 2010 that got me so busy? I planned growing of over 40o plants for seed stock on 18 separate properties. Then grow over 800 plants for fresh chiles. So it was a little increase over 2009. Also managed to grow and sell over 1,000 plants. So I know it's 2011 and I am already germinating seed but let me show you the 2010 growing journey.

First the germinating

What you see here is a large heated Reptile cage with grow lights. Since my garage gets cold I had to create a warmer environment. Here are two more photos.

So whats in these seed trays for 2010.

Black Habanero- A medium heat long chocolate habanero type with a raisin like flavor.

Black Stinger-Another small chocolate habanero type that has a small little tail or stinger.

Aji Chombo-A nice very hot Habanero type from Panama.

Ugandan Red Habanero- A very hot red variety from Uganda, Africa.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion-Some say this is the hottest Trinidad Pepper. We shall see.

Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah-A larger red 7 Pot variety that has heat like a Bhut Jolokia and a nice fruity flavor.

Trinidad 7 Pot CARDI or SR strain- Some say this is the true original strain and it's deadly hot.

Yellow Bhut Jolokia-A nice yellow variation with more heat than other elongated varieties like the Fatalii.

Trinidad 7 Pot Doughlah-Finally the rarest of the 7 Pot chiles. Nice chocolate color too.

Orange Scorpion-Actually this is not a true Scorpion but probably a cross between a Congo Yellow and Trinidad Scorpion.

Roatan Pumpkin Habanero- A fruity but extremely hot orange Pumpkin looking habanero type from Roatan Island, Honduras.

Congo Yellow Trinidad- The dark yellow smoky flavored Congo Pepper from Trinidad.

Pinquita De Mono-They say this is the hottest Aji type from Peru.

Giant White Habanero-A large white variety. Pods get huge!

Devil's Tongue-Looks like the Fatalii but has a sweeter flavor and more heat.

Also some favorites we grew in previous years like Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, Scotch Bonnet, Naga Morich, Antillais Red Caribbean, Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad 7 Pot, Jamaican Yellow Mushroom, Jamaican Red Mushroom, Peter Pepper Red and ChiliTepin.

Here are some pictures of the chile plants in late February in my cage that I converted into a indoor greenhouse.

These are not the only plants I have a whole bunch in trays under light in other areas of my garage. This group in my garage now is my first wave and consists of just under 1,000 plants total. The next two pictures you will see are these same plants but further along in late March.

Well that's all for now. My next post will show you the large garden of over 800 plants I grew for fresh chiles. Later posts will showcase some of the newer varieties like Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and 7 Pot Douglah.


  • HaveALookAt.Us

    I want to live at your house!!!!! What a AWESOME hot pepper farm???!! you have going there!!!! Love that you are growing Black habanero. Most people have never tasted their awesome sweetness.

  • Portuge

    Well its the middle of April in 2012, i've got several trinidad scorpions that are looking great. Some 7pots that are also doing good... Started off alil rocky cause this is my first time growing these super hot chiles. Had several plants die off cause I had rushed em outdoors and didnt pay attention to the night tempts... Live and learn right....

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